Tips Travel Tip – Daily Notes

by lhgqz

Last November when I returned from Paris I struggled with remembering all the details of the trip. Same thing when I went to Central America in December.

On my most recent trip to France I decided that I did not want to (a) miss any details of my trip and (b) that I did not want to have a huge amount of work to do to prepare posts when I returned.

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I thought about it ahead of time and figured the best course of action was to take daily notes.

During the fifteen days that I was away I took daily notes even if it was just jotting down meal details and the names of the towns we visited. That way I wouldn’t forget any of the anecdotes as the days started to blend (and they always do!).

I took notes in a moleskine as well as in a Word document on my laptop. I did need to rely on the internet, which was unavailable in several places we stayed, I could take notes whether in the car or in our room.

What a difference it made!

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