Tips 10 Reasons to Date a Guy who Loves to Travel

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Think you’re unlucky when it comes to love? Guess what? Maybe, you should start looking for guys who thrive on adventures and new experiences. While these fellows may not be as dashing as Disney’s version of Prince Charming, a guy who travels will make you feel grateful for every moment and breath of this beautiful journey that we call life.

Passionate, hopeless romantic, and deeply in love with life, a great traveler will fill your days with adventures and pleasant memories that you’ll cherish until your last breath. Plus, he’s got a ton of essential skills that will come in handy in your everyday life.

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Don’t believe me? Just because I’m one of these guys, it doesn’t mean I’m a little biased. Trust me, there are a lot of girls who’d die to date a bona fide traveler! Here are 10 reasons to date a guy who loves to travel.

Life is guaranteed to be an adventure with him

Dating a bona fide travel junkie means falling madly and whole-heartedly in love with adventure and freedom. Like any enthusiastic traveler, he says “yes” to almost everything, and is pretty much up for any idea you’ve come up with. He will take you everywhere, and will revel in seeing the amazement in your eyes, as you wander and discover new places.

Plus, he will think outside of the box and appreciate the adventures in your everyday life. When you’re dating a dude like this, even life’s most ordinary moments will have beauty in them.

Indeed, you’ll never be bored with a guy who loves to travel because he’s constantly seeking excitement and novelty. The way I see it, dating this kind of person means your relationship will be defined not by routines, but by experiences.

He’s intelligent

In the words of the great Pauline Frommer, “you can’t have a narrow mind and a thick passport”. Believe it or not, travelers are intelligent beings, soaking up new pieces of information by reading and exposing themselves to new knowledge and ideas about the place. They like to learn about geography and culture, and they love having new experiences and discussing new ideas. They are smart enough to have figured out how to afford their trips, and how to prioritize their passions and dreams. Date a guy who likes to travel, and you’ll have a partner who is book and street smart.

He is adaptable

Life, as with travel, isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you will always have to face plenty of curveballs. But, when you’re dating a guy who travels, you’re in a relationship with someone who really knows how to handle all the challenges in life. From missed flights to wrong turns, travelers are used to having to adapt to many scenarios outside their comfort zones. So, when something life-changing happens in your life at home, it’s nearly not as big of a drama fest.

A guy who travels is sensitive

Travelers are, in general, rather emotional. They are inherently empathetic and feel things deeper than most regular people. As a matter of fact, one of the things that drive them to travel the world is their deep-rooted love for people – even complete strangers. Guys who love travel are understanding and affectionate since they care about all living things. They traverse the globe because they adore the world and everybody who occupies it.

He’s got an open mind

Traveling teaches you that our perspectives are the sum of our experiences and environment.

And, a guy who loves to travel understands that not everybody sees the world and life the same way, and it’s important to respect that. He even accepts that what seems wrong to him may feel right to other people.

If you date this person, he won’t pressure you to change your lifestyle and beliefs. Instead, he will let you be who you truly are.

He is insightful

With their well-rounded experience in life and open mind, guys who travel tend to have better insight into situations and people. They can read people better than anyone else, thanks to all their experiences diving into a lot of different lifestyles and cultures. He will have meaningful opinions that you can trust, and you may seek his council knowing that he will approach every situation with a wise perspective and an open mind.

Guys who travel are easy to please

Great travel connoisseurs are not picky, by any means. They don’t look for luxury, but just new and worthwhile experiences.

Most guys who love to travel have slept in some dubious and not-so-cozy locations as well as ate a questionable exotic dish here or there. But, these guys love this kind of stuff, and they are not afraid to go rough.

In short, you can always be yourself with this guy, and you won’t have to stress about impressing him. He will never need you to be anything or anyone more than who you are.

He’s a great communicator and listener

Travelers are incredibly curious, meaning they are the types of people who enjoy having a good conversation. They are great listeners who absorb information enthusiastically.

A guy who loves to travel wants to talk to you at all times. Through your conversations, he will seek to understand you better. You can talk with him for hours, and you won’t get bored talking and listening.

He is financially knowledgeable and responsible

Contrary to popular belief, travelers have great financial management skills. With thorough preparation and budgeting, these guys can have a blast in a destination without spending a great deal of money. I even know someone who has explored the top sights in Miami without spending a penny. Of course, this essential life skill will come in handy in the coming years, as your relationship progresses. If you think you suck at financial management, this guy can teach a thing or two about budgeting.

He will be easy to introduce to your friends and family

Introducing him to your friends and family will be a breeze. After all, he, like any traveler, is used to being surrounded by new faces and people. He knows how to handle himself, and he won’t be apprehensive and nervous. Even if he can’t find anything in common, he can still entertain and amuse everyone with his amazing travel stories.

That’s just 10 of the reasons to date a guy who travels, I assure you there are many more!

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