Locations Who Are You?

by lhgqz

Who me? I’m a Colugo,
Considerably like a lemur, however pseudo.
I’m completely bizarre, high to toe
And I glide by means of bushes, don’t you realize…

My physique is like my hammock,
My imaginative and prescient is pure panoramic,
My food regimen may be very botanic,
When gliding, I’m aerodynamic!

Verify me out, I’m arboreal.
What, do you want a tutorial?
I solely exist equatorial,
Since just about time immemorial.

I’m awkward, but type of everlasting
And ideally jungle nocturnal,
The daytime warmth is infernal—
You’ll be able to journal that kernel.

I’m of the order Dermoptera.
Not a bat, that will be Chiroptera;
Or a butterfly, that’s Lepidoptera,
However typically, I do eat cassava.

Actually, I’m fairly herbivorous.
I digest all of that tannin bitterness.
One can’t be picky within the wilderness,
With none simple refrigerants.

Some mammals, they observe judo
Or karate and even sumo.
Me? Leaping off bushes I am going,
As a result of… I’m a Colugo.

-Picture and poem by WT Journey Chief Karin Betts, Borneo Expedition

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