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Travel Nursing in Florida

One of the most enticing reasons for people who want to leave staff nursing to join the travel nursing tribe is being a travel nurse in paradise. There is a lot of appeal when it comes to leaving the super cold weather to go and play in the sun. That is why many travelers are curious about Travel Nursing in Florida. It is a unique opportunity that also shares some unique trends with the normal population considering many folks like to migrate down to Florida during the winter months.

Travel Nursing in Florida offers plenty of options for travelers. One of the best things about Travel Nursing in Florida is the contracts are usually available pretty early on, which gives travelers notice about jobs that they would not normally be able to plan around for other states. There are tons of travel jobs available in Florida, and there are plenty of options. This happens because the amount of people and the varying populations due to weather and “snowbird” migration truly disrupts the staffing schedules for hospital systems. Healthcare professionals are required in large volumes for the majority of the year to cover these influxes. They utilize what is called a “seasonal contract” where the traveler can actually work directly for the hospital. In this case,  there would not be intermediary assistance through an agency.

In addition, Travel Nursing in Florida comes with a lot of housing options. It is a vacation spot and a tourist destination. Therefore, many people list fully furnished short-term rental properties year round that are perfect for the traveling healthcare professional. There are many options, and they have been listed as quite affordable in comparison to the high pay rates expected out of Florida for travel healthcare professions.

Travel Nursing in Florida also comes with its perks for float pool opportunities. What this means is that a float pool traveler can go to many hospitals over the course of their contract. It is important to understand what hospitals you may be sent to, how far they are from your housing, and the hours you will be responsible for working. There are times where a traveler is on-call, and those responsibilities should be discussed well before the contract is signed so that all parties involved are fully aware of what the terms will be.

The pay rates in Florida are pretty standard, and there is not a ton of wiggle room due to the variation in jobs and the high amount of travelers that are required to come in each year. However, Florida does not rank on the low end by any means of the highest paying states. It will just depend on the contract you land, where you go in the state of Florida, what specialty you are, and how long your contract is. Travel Nursing in Florida is a destination location, and therefore, the hospitals know that the desire to travel to Florida may be stronger than the desire to really negotiate for more money if it means another traveler could take your spot.

There are a lot of activities you can do as a travel healthcare professional in Florida.

Beach Day

There are 1,300 miles of coastline in Florida for travelers to enjoy for a beach day. There are the east and west coastlines in addition to the keys, all of which are accessible for beach goer enjoyment. From swimming to sunsets to hunting to kayaking there is no shortage of fun to be had on the beach in Florida.


The beautiful weather and the 1,000 golf courses make Florida a prime spot for the traveler who is also a golfer. If you like the sport you have come to the right spot to enjoy this weekend activity! Many of the golf courses line the 20+ state parks that can be found in Florida, too, so you can be sure to make a day of it. You can feel free to camp, hike, and golf in some of the most beautiful areas of the nation. Especially with time-off as a traveler, you can really use all of the time wisely.


It’s the Happiest Place on Earth! Who doesn’t want to go to Disneyworld! Of course, this is one of the most sought after vacation spots for travelers, families, and the general public alike. It is a must-go at least one time. So, if you are in Florida on a Travel Nursing assignment you should absolutely stop by Disneyworld to visit Mickey and friends! We want to see your photographs once you get there, too. Do you think Wanda would have a good time at Disneyworld? Should the Wanderly team come down and go with you? Have so much fun! This is a once in a lifetime activity that we think is really important if you’ve never been. Travelers work very hard, and we want you to have a day off to just go and play. Feel free to invite us!


Obviously, there are a ton of seafood options for the healthcare traveler in Florida. Everything is caught fresh, there are plenty of yummy options for you to try, and it does not hurt that many of the restaurants are strategically located beachside. Don’t forget the delicious key lime pie that you won’t get as authentically anywhere else as you will in Florida. There are many travelers who want to try cuisine from Cuba, and this is the spot to do it. Many Cuban inspiration restaurants can be found in Florida.


It depends on what part of Florida you take an assignment in, but the nightlife isn’t world famous in Miami for no reason! There are a ton of nightlife opportunities, and a ton of different options whether you enjoy the club-scene or a night out for dinner and a concert. The nightlife is vibrant and consistent, so if this sounds like you then Florida is a must try!

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