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Travel Nursing in California

There are so many wonderful travel healthcare providers that come to me each week asking about travel nursing in California. Well, I totally hear you and your questions, and I think the best way to address all of the inquiring minds is to myth-bust all of the assumptions already out there about what the life of a travel nurse in California really is like.

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Beach All Day Every Day

 Myth: the only myth about beachin’ all day every day is that you have to take an assignment that is within driving range of the beach, or this one is actually impossible. Therefore, if you want to go to the beach quite often during your assignment be sure to do your research about the location you are requesting or accepting.

Reality: many travelers enjoy the beach or being Oceanside, but do not actually spend a ton of time there during an assignment. California beach life is what you make it. If you are close to the beach and want to go all of the time, by all means! The reality to the reality of this one is that if you want to do something you have all of the power within you to go and do it. Do not give up on your dream of living near the ocean when travel healthcare makes it so attainable! Another thing, living near the beach has many of the same benefits and excitement as going to the beach every day, too.

 Gorgeous Hospitals

 Myth: the myth about the hospitals in California is that they are all state of the art. Many of them are, so that is pretty neat. However, not all of them feel like they came directly out of a Grey’s Anatomy set. The thing is, healthcare is about the patients, so that is the top priority and I can assure you that all of the hospitals we work with are top-notch high-quality facilities with fantastic patient care. Some are newer and some are… wiser… J but all are worth checking out.

Reality: it depends on where you want to go and where you can land a job when it comes to working at a brand new fancy facility. There are plenty of wonderful places to choose from with plenty of natural sunlight and fantastic views to make the shift a little more humanized.

 Long Wait Times for Licensing

 Myth:  the myth about the long wait times for California travel nursing is that they are nine months to a year long. That is the really rare exception, not the norm for travel nursing in California. However, they are still really long. That is just the truth. I applied for one. It took 14 weeks. Which yes, is months. It was not even close to a year, though, so I feel like that should be noted. I have also heard of the turn around being within thirty days but for some people, who have not submitted their paperwork correctly they can wait closer to a year.

Reality: if you submit all of your paperwork correctly on the first submission you should be just fine planning 2-3 months for licensing. Just be diligent. Do your research! Stay on top of the website and apply during your assignment before you want to try travel nursing in California.

 Huge Pay Rates

 Myth: the myth about huge pay rates is that every California job will be massive. That just is not true. That is not true for any state.

Reality: Travel nursing in California is by far the highest paying travel gig in the country. There are many jobs where travelers can make a ton of money per week. There are also some assignments out in California where they make as much as they would, or less, in another state. The best part about travel nursing in California is that you have opportunities, if you are flexible, to make an insane amount of money. Be flexible, work hard, stay on top of the pay packages on Wanderly, and you could find your riches out here!

 Tons of Jobs

 Myth: the only myth about there being tons of jobs for those who want to try travel nursing in California is that the jobs may not be in the exact location that you desire to go to. You may have to adjust your game plan and be willing to try travel nursing in California in an area you do not know much about at a hospital you have never heard of. That is the adventure, friends!

 Reality: the reality is simple. There are a ton of jobs in California available to travelers. Keep in mind, with various seasonal differences and like with any state, that is subject to change at any given moment. However, for the most part, California is jam-packed with opportunity for healthcare travelers. I remember when I worked with an agency there would be hundreds of open jobs at any given point just in our community. It is crazy! Get out here quickly before 1/100th of them fill up fast!

 Beautiful Weather Everyday

Myth: this is just not true, but it is also in the eye of the beholder. I live in Los Angeles, so the majority of days are beautiful with the worst weather being rain. In addition, if you choose to live near the ski resorts or the Bay area that is completely different for you. It all depends on where you live, but yes, there are places where the weather is beautiful 350/365 days of the year and the other 15 are chilly, not “cold”.

Reality: I cannot even consider moving because of how beautiful the weather is consistently out here. I just got off the phone with a friend from Minnesota who is pulling her car out of the snow, and I am about to take my bulldog to the beach. If you like warm weather and sunshine, we want to see you soon!

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