Lifestyle 6 Male Nurses You Should Follow On IG

by lhgqz

1. Matt Andrews (@mattya07) loves his dog Brody and also is a model/actor! Check out his IMDB page here

2.  Jay Mayberry (@jay_mayberry85) is an entrepreneur that’s currently studying to get his Doctorate in Nurse Practitioning!

3. Jake Grez (@jakegrez) is a travel nurse that goes to all the biggest music festivals and loves the great outdoors!

4. Valentine Wudo (@valewudo) is an ER Travel Nurse that’s into health & fitness with his own podcast! #ThinkAlphaProject


5. Cristiano Camera (@cristian_camera) is a nurse with Italian style and even rides a motorcycle!

6. Dom Arnold – BSN, RN, CCRN- (@domarnold_srna) is a bodybuilder with plenty of tattoos who misses his dog Colt!





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