Destinations Palau Above and Below

by lhgqz

On our flight back to Koror, after we’d kayaked and snorkeled down the length of the Palau’s Rock Islands to Peleliu, I caught this aerial image of Ngemelis Island. We’d snorkeled most of the reef seen in the photo the day before and the winds were just calm enough to allow us to paddle between the islands for our lunch break. Everyone had the option to relax on the speed boat, but all jumped at the opportunity to paddle in Palau one last time. Speed boats are not allowed in this area so we had the sand flats, channels, reefs, and beaches all to ourselves. Here is WT adventurer Dennis Herbel enjoying what is hidden in the photograph above, the underwater spectrum of Ngemelis Wall.

-Photos and text by WT Trip Leader Ron Leidich, Palau Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling

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