Destinations Hiking In the Home of the Gods

by lhgqz

As you hike through Greece, you walk into the world of the great myths, the home of the gods. This is my homeland, and I am so proud to share the trails with those who come to discover all of the treasures of Greece. This May, our Zagoria and Mt. Olympus journey met in Ioánnina, where I was born. We visited the villages along the Vikos Gorge and went east to Meteora and Mt. Olympus, home to the Twelve Olympian gods. From Athens, we set off for our Hiking the Greek Isles adventure as the wildflowers began to bloom, ferrying from island to island across the deep blue Aegean, and hiking their ancient trails. Here are some of my favorite views from this spring’s exploration:

On the way to Pápingo, views of the Vikos Gorge.

Hiking the ancient paths of Zagoria. The bridge of Plakida with Kipoi village in the background.

At the end of our hikes in Zagoria, nature gave us this beauty.

Taking a rest on our way to Astraka refuge, a lovely hiking day with new friends.

We found clouds at the top, but nothing to worry about.

A wonderful day on Delos Island, the birthplace of Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo.

After the first swim of the season in Livada, one of the most beautiful places in the Cyclades Islands.

From Asfondilitis to Aigiali, a beautiful and wild area of Amorgos.

A wonderful hike today in Amorgos.

After a great walk up to Theologos monastery and a warm welcome from Sister Vasiliki, we had a magical afternoon and a beautiful sunset.

-Photos and text by WT Trip Leader Kostas Vasileiou, Greece: Zagoria and Mt. Olympus, Hiking in the Greek Isles

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