Destinations From the Desert to the Sea in Oman

by lhgqz

Our adventure in Oman began at the lovely Hotel Shangri-La in Muscat.

At a traditional house in Al Hamra, we were greeted a with a warm welcome and enjoyed cross-cultural conversations over coffee. Hospitality in Oman is shown by offering coffee and dates to visitors.

One of our adventurers was painted with a beauty mask of saffron.

We traveled to Wahiba Sands to experience the lifestyle of Bedouin people. We hiked to the heights of Al Mydaybi, a Bedouin village at the edge of the desert…

…and wore only the best in desert fashion.

We spent one night at a tented camp among the dunes. It was a marvelous desert night where we enjoyed a feast of Omani food with wine, while music from the oud filled the air.

Crossing the desert was quite an exciting experience…

…and then we reached the sea.

At Ras Al Jinz, endangered green sea turtles lay their eggs year-round. After having laid her eggs, this turtle buried them in the sand and returned to the sea, leaving a tread of turtle footprints. We were able to watch the entire process.

The colorful city of Salalah sits along the Arabian Sea. Trees that produce frankincense, once more valuable than gold, thrive here so in the magical Salalah souk, piles of frankincense are displayed like a One Thousand and One Nights tale.

At the barber shop in the Salalah Souk, one of our intrepid travelers was pampered with a lavish shave.

-Photos and text by WT Trip Leader Annie Hawkins, Desert Kingdoms of Oman

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