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What was there first, the egg or the chicken?

When preparing a longer trip, you are faced with a similarly difficult question, namely: where do I start?

I will answer this question intensively in the articles of the series “The Pink Compass Guide to the Travel Fund” and show you step by step how you can be prepared well and without gaps on the journey!

Of course, many points overlap in time, and maybe in individual cases 2 to 1 or 4 to 2 would have been better, but the main thing is to have everything considered once!

(If you’re planning a working holiday in Australia or Canada, check out this article for Australia and this Canada article!)

Via Rail Canada Jasper in the Rockies

So let’s just assume that you are beyond the point of deciding to tackle your first longer journey, and you are now rolling up your sleeves to finally tackle what was previously just a dream and an idea!


The most important points to keep in mind are your ongoing contracts!

Everything that would bind you in the weeks or months of your journey to a life in Germany, you should illuminate thoroughly and if possible get rid of! Also for your travel fund for the sake of it!

If that is not feasible, put everything in your favor!


The lease of your apartment: If you plan to be on the road for half a year or a whole year, this could definitely be up for debate. Usually, the notice periods are 3 months, but many landlords can also talk with them (especially if you find a new tenant).

If you know before that you will move out, it does not hurt to inform your landlord in advance. That may make him too accommodating, if you need it when moving out.

The rental agreement of your room: This is usually a little easier than a whole apartment to dissolve, and most roommates are more flexible than landlords. Nevertheless, as a precaution you should study your rental agreement and cancel it in good time so that you do not experience any nasty surprises or cause quarrels.

Electricity provider: Usually only in connection with your own apartment and is often very easy. A simple call to the electricity provider is enough. Nevertheless: do not forget! Otherwise, you might be left with electricity costs that are not your own.

Telefonvertrag / Handyvertrag: Oii … often the trickiest termination! Therefore, as early as possible to take the next notice date and, if necessary, prefer to switch to prepaid, so you do not pay monthly contributions into the void.

Subscriptions: magazines, Bahncard, clubs … everything that has a term contract! So just sit down in time (this is the un-word of the day) before your paperwork and go through everything.

If necessary, enter in the calendar, when what is due, or just in advance send the notice of termination on a fixed date.

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