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Sometimes I stumble across some of my old articles and would like to move them to the trash immediately. The ones that were created before the 22places photo course *, in which I participated.

These articles hide my first (and slightly cruel) snapshots. And since then, not only has my writing style improved on Pink Compass, but also my photography.

But that’s not just because I’m carrying a fancier camera with me and devouring one book after the other on the topic of writing, but above all because I just wanted to get better and better for you in both areas.

22places photography course experience exposure

And in the photos, well, for selfish reasons.

After my first long journey through Australia and Southeast Asia, and especially when I left as a long-time traveler, I wanted to be able to take so many amazing pictures of all the beautiful places and countries.

Because I have come back to many places for a second time (and third, fourth, …), but the world is just too big for me to live in the illusion that I could visit them all again.

So you want to be able to shoot as many beautiful pictures as possible during a trip. And in this article, which will probably be a little mammoth, I want to pass on my best tips and above all my tricks and tricks, which I have now picked up in recent years.

22places photography course experiences motive


That said, I’ll let everything flow from my brain into this article, which I actually apply while traveling – as far as the actual technique and art of photography is concerned, however, I have to refer you to the two people who finally have the necessary knowledge about me my camera, shutter speed and aperture taught: Jenny and Sebastian .

At the beginning of their 22places photo course start the two invited me to sniff him, and after letting him lie around for a while (learning is still work …), I finally have the time on a roadtrip and Muse for it and devoured him from the first day.

I could almost watch my pictures getting better with each module of their photography course, how I got tricky light conditions (starry sky – so far an absolute frustration topic) and gradually got the mystical depth of field under control.



technical basics

All the technical Chinese about aperture, shutter speed, focal length, ISO and all these things? Do you get explained in the online photography course so that you finally understand it!

art work

Such words as negative space were previously unknown to me. I had heard of the golden ratio before, but could not do much with it. After the 9 chapters on this and much more, you have not only understood them, but you can even practice them with the practical exercises in the 22places photo course *!


The next few chapters revolve around the trickiest of photography: the light. Or rather, how best to use existing light, no matter how little or bad it is.

image editing

Granted, until last year I edited my pictures in Picasa because I just did not trust Lightroom. By now it’s one of my favorite programs – which I definitely owe to the photography class and its chapters. In my experience, doing exercise makes it master!

photo projects

This module was my favorite! Here, Jenny and Sebastian have taken me in quasi-difficult situations and explained exactly what I should do. Online, in videos of course. No matter how tricky – night photography, freezing movements, light trails or sunsets – I’ve got them under control with the help of the photography course and its printable short instructions.



So if you have as much fun as I am about taking pictures and just want to be able to visit your dream destinations only once in a lifetime, then I highly recommend you their photography class.

He is super-easy to explain – even to impatient people * cough * – and Jenny and Sebastian have really done their best to make it as understandable and helpful as possible.



But now the tricks and tips that I want to give you beyond that …



Meanwhile, I often catch myself walking through the streets with a perceived rectangle on my eyes.

I’ve become so accustomed to being playfully always on the hunt for the next motive (simply for the love of photography, not out of compulsion to hold on to everything), that I unconsciously always look for the unusual.

Geometric shapes that nature hugs, street art, unusual plants or animals … everything is a potential snapshot.

22places Photography Course Experience with depth of field

What do you want from me, eh?

Just go out for a day with the camera outside and without any other goal than to look with beautiful eyes for open eyes. You’ll be surprised what you notice. (By the way, this is one of my favorite things to do on a day off and in a strange place.) As you set up your camera for it, you’ll learn in detail in the 22places photography class, but motifs are easy to find everywhere.



Sometimes I try to find a perspective in places, buildings or architecture that does not necessarily correspond to the usual postcard photography.

22places Photography Course Experiences with Perspectives

The Brooklyn Bridge, different.

Then it helps to just in advance just to consult the Google image search and to see how others have approached the subject. From this I have already been able to derive many beautiful snapshots and get more and more an eye for perspective.



The light plays the biggest role in beautiful photos, you have already noticed that. I prefer photographing in the afternoon, from 3 pm, because the light is getting softer and warmer. With the light around lunchtime I had a lot of problems until the photo course and therefore always avoided it.

But even in the morning, before the midday heat, is a particularly good time for it, even if I often lack the warmth of the imminent sunset in the picture. For me, this is simply the best time of the day to observe and photograph the discolorations of orange, red, pink and purple.

22places Photography Course Sunset Experience

The movements of the horses were almost as big a hurdle as the sun.

Do not be shy: Especially when clouds are involved, you can also experiment very well with sun rays and back light. During the day and without clouds, I try to avoid that.

By the way, in the 22places photography course by Jenny & Sebastian you will find a whole module, with 6 different chapters that deal only with the different light situations.



This is something that is particularly easy for me as an introvert : I like to play hide-and-seek with my subject. Especially when it is completely exhausted, photographed from the usual standard views, which I can buy as a postcard on every corner.

22places photography course experiences with shadows

Mr. Lincoln, without him discovering me.

Give your subject an unusual frame and make it look as if you were photographing it from an ambush or through the keyhole. Walls, walls, trees, shoulders of other people … just play with the environment.



Colors have an incredible impact, and there’s hardly a place where they do not let me watch the camera remotely.

22places Photography Course Experience with colors

Colored walls are a dream, like here at a photo shoot a few weeks ago in Playa del Carmen.

Look out for bright colors, especially in otherwise quiet views, and stand out. A colorful umbrella, a bright flower or a colorful painting on the next wall – everything is allowed.



For the first time I discovered the white balance in Angkor Wat, and at the latest in Antelope Canyon I was completely in love.

22places Photography Course Experiences with white balance

Do I have to say more?

Especially in places that already have something mystical or unreal in them, it seems all the more fascinating if you adjust the white balance of your camera completely illogical. (Even the simple cameras have this feature.)

Take a look at specific architecture or landscapes on fluorescent and see what happens.



I can not count how many boring sunsets I’ve been flying around on my hard drive. Or lakes, waves and meadows.

22places Photography Course Experience with details

Even something as simple as a duck on the water can generate a little more interest.

The most beautiful landscape looks boring if it alone takes up more than a third of the photo without filling it with movement or color.

Sometimes even a small detail helps to make the picture look more interesting or spice it up.



Have you ever noticed that beautiful landscapes often simply can not be captured, no matter what you try? It seems endless high, wide, deep or dangerous and just lame and boring on your photo. This was often the case in the USA  . What helps is creating perspective.

22places photography course experience with depth

The stripes on the street not only create a vanishing point, but also emphasize the endlessness.

Again, take a detail in the landscape, such as a bush, a flower, a sign or even a human to represent the perspective and make the dimensions clear.

22places Photography Course Experiences with hard light

A lonely house, paired with the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds, makes even the barren, monotonous landscape of Iceland seem brighter.

Often it is even enough to put your shoes in front of an abyss to show something as dramatic as it actually is.



Another reason why it is better that I travel alone . I sometimes stand in one place for up to 15 or even 30 minutes to wait for the perfect moment for a photo.

22places Photography Course Experience with patience

Here it took almost an hour, on the overcrowded beach, until the motive sat.

Too many crowds, not the right light or too much wind … there are plenty of reasons, and even if I’m not the most patient person, I can become a stubborn donkey here.

And often rewarded for it!



I am very shy by nature, and especially I am silent if I do not speak the language. But more than once I’ve had the experience that my camera has given me the opportunity to get closer to people.

22places Photography Course Experiences with Macro Photography

A Mexican fishmonger saw me standing in the corner and taking pictures of the market. She silently fetched the squid from a bucket, draped it extra for me, and waved me closer.

Nevertheless, you should (you even have to), no matter how timid, always ask for permission, if you want to photograph someone recognizable (not from behind). A simple finger pointing to the camera and a questioning look usually suffice.

22places Photography Course Experience with portraits

He grimaced – for which I was very grateful. A smile would have almost spoiled the photo.

Some nod briefly and silently, others shake their heads. Simple, simple communication that everyone understands and has to respect.



Some motives are just fun and write their subtitles almost by themselves. These are the best of them all!

22places Photography Course Experiences with humor

Somewhere in Joshua Tree – a city made for photo junkies like me.



One last piece of advice, which I did not heed at the beginning and is often annoyed about it in my archives about it today: Geize not with storage space. If possible, shoot your photos in the highest resolution and pull the photos to a laptop every night or, better still, an external hard drive for backup.

22places Photography Course Experiences with politics

A snapshot of the Bangkok protests in 2015, which I would like to have in better quality.

Many of my photos I would like to have had better resolution for post-processing or printing – but due to poor image quality, which is also related to the image size, this is often no longer possible.


I still have a lot of other anecdotes and tips to give (if you like, I also like to create a second part – would you be interested in that?), But that would be beyond the scope here.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that it’s never too late to acquire knowledge about your own camera or the basics of photography. I had my reflex camera in my luggage for 1.5 years before I finally learned to really deal with it. And honestly, my experience with the 22places photography course just confirmed that. It’s always a lot easier than you think!

22places Photography Course Experiences with Wide Angle

To change perspective in NYC, I even climbed into a helicopter.

And again and again, after I did not hold them in my hands for a few months or get into a tricky situation with the light or the functions, I dig up my notes from the 22places photo course * by Jenny and Sebastian or look again into what I forgot again.

It’s no shame to be an amateur in photography – but a little sad in this beautiful world. Do not you think so?

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